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  Cutting Edge Magazine Enterprise Qualifications
<<< NO.01 Participants
          Design company, design institution, manufacturing enterprise, universities,
training institution, designers, teachers and students
PIN UPP Certificate and Trophy
<<< NO.02 Awards Setting
          Gold awards, sliver awards, best ideas awards and awards of excellence


<<< NO.03 Award of All Categories
         • Urban planning and design • Architectural Design • Industrial design • Products design
• Fashion design • Interior space design • Visual design • interactive design • Conceptual design


<<< NO.04 Application Materials
          • 《PIN UPP Design Awards Application》
             -- Documentation shall be filled out authentically and in detail. Incomplete information
is not acceptable.
             -- Documentation shall be filled out in English. International jury will judge and the
documentation will be collected in annual book.
             -- An enterprise or a team shall fill out one name of the production team. The
recommendation and official seal of the company are needed.
          • Requirements for application:
             -- Pictures: structure chart of overall view, front view, side view, additional detail and
             -- Disk: limited on two-dimensional or three-dimensional multimedia interactive design,
film and TV design, animation design and other CD/DVD storage medium. No less than 720X576
pixels, within 5MB.]
             -- Descriptive text: words on the introduction of general situation and characteristics
are limited to 400 words.

          【Note】Online application or works transmission are not acceptable. All documents
presented will not be returned afterwards, please return your own copy.

<<< NO.05 Procedure  

First Review

          • The applicant shall mail the application letter and works to the organizing committee of PIN UPP Design Awards in Seoul, Korea by oneself.

          • Remit to the organizing committee with 150 thousand South Korean Won for the first review fee

          • The international jury of PIN UPP Design Awards will conduct the first review on the works presented.

Final Review

          • Once the applicant passed the first review, the jury will send the applicant (individual or group) a「Notification of Finalists」.

          • Remit to the organizing committee with 300 thousand South Korean Won for the final review fee

          • The international jury of PIN UPP Design Awards will conduct the final review on the works presented.

Prize Presentation

          • Once the applicant passed the final review, the jury will send the applicant (individual or group) an「Invitation of PIN UPP Design Awards Prize Presentation Ceremony」.

          • Prize-winner can attend the Prize Presentation Ceremony to be held in Seoul, Korea with the invitation.

          • Ways of Participation of the Prize Presentation

          1. Visa, tickets and other necessary formalities shall be handled by the attendee oneself.

          2. PIN UPP Design Awards Organizing Committee will assist in applying the visa and consulting the hotel accommodation abroad.

          • If the winner is not able to attend the Prize Presentation Ceremony, the organizing committee will mail the certificate and trophy to the winner, post fee shall be borne by the winner oneself.

PIN UPP Design Awards Hardcover Year Book
PIN UPP Design Awards Prize Presentation Ceremony  
<< NO.06 Advantages of Awards
          • The winning designer (individual or group) will be invited to the Prize Presentation Ceremony. Many excellent designers will attend the ceremony as well.
          • 『PIN UPP Design Awards YEAR BOOK』will incorporate works of the winners. As an achievement and the high honor of a designer, the year book will bring extensive business opportunities for the designer.
          • All the award-winning works and selected works are allowed to use the logo of “PIN UPP Design Awards” on the surface of products so as to promote the design works.
          • Works of winners might be published on top-class magazines worldwide and promote to the world of designers’ style.
          • Award-winning designers will be invited to annul academic exchanges activity and participate in international exchange and cooperation, stepping into the world design stage.
          • Teachers and students, who are winners, will be provided with opportunities of attending International Student Workshop of International Designers Association. During the workshop, world-renowned designers and experts of reputable universities such as Nanyang Technological University, Monash University, Edinburgh Napier University, Kookmin University, Cincinnati University will attend. International Design Exchange and Practice will be conducted.
ADA INTERNATIONAL Student workshop  
PIN UPP International Jury  
<<< NO.07 Disclaimer
          • In order to ensure the normal process of this award. Participants (individual or group) shall read the disclaimer carefully and make sure accept and agree to all the rules, then apply.
          • The works and products of participant shall be original, no intellectual property dispute;
          • If the participant has ever violates international law and regulations, the consequences of false and relevant legal obligations shall be borne by participants themselves, hosts and organizing committee will not be held responsible.
          • Organizing committee has the right to release and publish the works of participants through media or other routes of transmission. All participants shall guarantee do not request organizing committee in any way.
<<< NO.08 Download of Participation Documents
         PIN UPP Design Awards Application Letter

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